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“Ketond Biomax Aloha tastes amazing. I did keto blood test and I was bumped up a solid point and a half (my current at level 2.2). I am currently getting my body back from after my first child! I've lost 15lbs in 44 days using Ketond Biomax & doing strict macro counting keto. Thanks for making something cheaper than Pruvit!”*

Kenzi M. - San Jose, Ca

“I do not follow a strict keto diet but I do try to eat healthy. I sit all day at work and don't get much exercise and I've lost 37 lbs!!!! I eat more fish and vegetables, no added sugar and I do watch my carbs ie: breads, pasta and no junk foods only healthy snacks, such as nuts and some fruits and cheese. I drink my Ketond once a day, normally around 11:00 am and have my lunch around 1:00pm. The Ketond has helped me feel satisfied and has definitely boosted my metabolism. I feel great!!!!”*

Carol S. - Pottstown, PA

“I started my ketond journey a non believer however my mind was changed very quickly. I started off thinking that it was all just hype but when I started shedding the pounds and noticing the mental clarity my opinion changed. I am down 18 lbs and 3 inches and have more energy than I have had in a long time. I still struggle with arthritis however it is manageable now. Thank you ketond you have made me a believer.”*

Jolene T. Nova Scotia, Canada

*Individual Results May Vary. Results will vary on individual circumstances.